August 1, 2007

He could stream Quicktime
He could code in Flash
He could make your icons dance with Java
Then empty out your trash

Kerry Skarbakka, Croatia, 2006

The School of Hard Carriage Returns
-- Klipschutz

Barry Bonds chases Harry Potter,
as I make a small donation to my alma mater

outside the Rite Aid on Taylor and Geary.
The guy collecting gets exactly three quarters from me,

as Harry Potter runs circles around Barry Bonds
and the whores adjust their rhythm to fall in lock step with the johns.

* * *
[coming soon to a faux Grecian Urn @ a Disney Store near you]

Three Poems by Sarah Hannah:


I've hit bottom now -- your murky water.
Too breathless to swim, too frightened to float,
I sank from light and shore, my dress wrapped strait
Around my limbs, preventing any stir.
And this is how you thrive, consummate host,
Coaxing reeds from your edges, roots from soil,
Now sparkling in conquest, now misted and still,
But not inert, planning tributary, tryst.
There must be a way out (not how I came),
But if I knew, I forgot the lace
Of your currents, in the deep chills that numb,
In your muddly lips' promise: Drink. No blame.
What sweet obliterations bloom in a kiss --
Morphines, poppies, plums.

Snow Drift

I only want to write about a space
Three-inches square, in the picket fence's
Stolid corner, that uncontested crevice
Boasting, suddenly, a jagged occurrence
Of snow, Alp-like, resting on the brief ledge
The wooden crossbeam makes: unlikely cliff,
However wedged, suggesting passage
Beyond lawn and property line, as if
Transgression could be intimately known
Through bold example in miniature,
On familiar ground, a trace of snow blown
On a fence, articulation of a dare:
To realize the route the mountain sees,
The fall to nether -- valley, wild trees.

Run, Don't Walk

Because you know that not even the dictate
Of a shuffling song in 4/4 can carve
A proper course out of the arching surf
Enfolding you, that green wave thick with bait
And rank with disinhibiting toxins
Amplifying itself every hour;
Because you know you lack the stature,
Countermand, and balance to ride it in;
Run, when a certain body comes around;
Leave the party early; don't wash dishes;
Don't wait until it crashes and you're eating sand
In undertow; just go, i.e., egress
Whichever way -- by cab, on foot or crutch
Because you've changed, but you haven't changed that much.


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