July 17, 2007

They stayed up all night selling cocaine and hash

Georganne Dean, Obsession Persephone

* From Harper's August 2007:

-- Number of Bush appointees who regulate industries they used to represent as lobbyists: 85

-- Number of the five directors of a No Child Left Behind reading program who had financial ties to curricula they developed: 4

-- Average amount each of these directors has received from the publishers of reading materials sold to schools: $727,000

-- Minimum number of U.S. colleges that now offer on-campus sites for the ashes of alumni: 9

-- Estimated amount of oil, in barrels, used to make the bottled-water containers sold in the U.S. last year: 16,000,000

-- Average number of liters of bottled water delivered to U.S. troops in Iraq each day: 1,400,000

* Picasso-inspired car design.

* Deborah Harry on The Merv Griffin Show, 1980.

* During their first four year in the East Hampton farmhouse where they would live until Pollack's death eleven years later, Jackson Pollack and Lee Krasner could not afford to install plumbing for heat and hot water.


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