July 10, 2007

i drink my liquor from the palm
of a child who spoke in tongues

Roswell Angier, Coty Lee, Moustrap Caberet, 1975

* Corrent Wire: Come Home America. excerpt:

"It is time to come home America, home to the cities that have been flooded, the forests left untended, the fields left untilled. It is time to come home America, to the work left undone, the minds left unschooled. It is time to come America, to the home you did not leave behind, because no home ever lasts if left unrepaired.
It is time to come home America, and when you do, you will ask how you ever let that home be put into hands such as the ones that now have it. You will wonder at how they ever seemed to be giants, and on the back of which ant the cameras were mounted to make them look that way.

"It is time America to come home. Home to the words which we written on parchment, printed on paper, but engraved on hearts and minds, with stylus of firearms, and ink mixed of blood and gunpowder: 'when it becomes destructive to these ends to alter or abolish it.'

"Look at the man who wields the seal of 13 arrows and 13 stars, of 13 leaves and 13 olives, of 13 stripes and countless hopes and dreams. Ask yourself a single question: is he worthy of placing your sons lives in his hands? Hands that have signed so many laws unjust, unwise and unAmerican. Hands which have rubber stamped commands from other unelected. Ask yourself if his words are to be trusted, coming from the same mouth that has spat out so many of us on to the ground.
"Come home America, while there is yet time, let not the sands cover us, nor the waters wash us away. It is not out there that our freedom lives, but here. It is not a Vatican in Baghdad that we must build, but a shining city on hill which we must rebuild, our golden domes pealing, our silver stars tarnished, our private places violated by rude disruption, for an adventure we did not wish, nor want. Let dead ceasers have their triumphs, let forgotten pharaohs have their obelisks. Let emperors have their might tombs, let them have them, one and all their arcs and boulevards.

* Script changes made so The Big Lebowski,one of the most profane films of all times with 260 uses of the word 'fuck,' can be shown on TV.

* The Caribbean have two upcoming DC shows:

-- Wednesday July 11
1353 H Street NE @ 9PM
W/NOMO (really cool Afro-Funk from Ann Arbor, MI)

-- Monday July 16
Chesapeake St. & Nebraska Avenue
[Across from Wilson High School]
FREE!!! @ 8PM

Following the DC shows they head out west for a short tour, catch them if you can:

Thursday, August 2nd: Hi-Dive, Denver, CO
Friday, August 3rd: Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
Saturday, August 4th: Flying M Coffeegarage, Boise, ID
Sunday, August 5th: Towne Lounge, Portland, OR, w/Davis Hooker
Monday, August 6th: SS Marie Antoinette, Seattle, WA
Wednesday, August 8th: Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA
Thursday, August 9th: Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA, w/Brad Laner
Saturday, August 11th: Trilogy Lounge, Boulder, CO

* Tidbit: George Washington left no children of his own, but a great-granddaughter of Martha's, by way of her earlier marriage, married Robert E. Lee.

* "If Republicans would stop telling lies about democrats, we would stop telling the truth about them." -- Adlai Stevenson


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