May 4, 2007

I'm aimin' but I don't take the blame

Dronepop, Tilted and Jilted, 2007

Wake Up
-- by Ted Berrigan

Jim Dine's toothbrush eases two pills
activity under the clear blue sky; girl
for someone else in white walk by
it means sober up, kick the brunette out of bed
going out to earn your pay; it means out;
bells ring; squirrel, serve a nut; daylight
fade; fly resting on your shoulder blades
for hours; you've been sleeping, taking it easy
neon doesn't like that; having come your way
giving you a free buzz, not to take your breath away
just tightening everything up a little; legs
plump; head, wobble; tongue, loll; fingers, jump;
drink; eat; flirt; sing; speak;
night time ruffles the down along your cheek.

-- by Ted Berrigan

"Be whole"
"Be healthy"


Upside Down
-- by Ted Berrigan

You don't have to be Marie Curie
or even Simone de Beauvoir already
to write your memoris, you know? after
all, we all have a polymorphous perverse
first person singular, don't we?...
If you don't want to see & hear, don't feel
like it, say... maybe wd rather worry, or
sulk.... Still you do have to remember, there's
no way to put blinders on one's insides, you
know... or do you? Sure you can.

What a Pity, What a Shame
-- by Paul Beatty

went to hear marion williams
sing the gospel yesterday

she was singin so hard

I almost slipped up
and let jesus into my heart


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