March 12, 2007

do we need our obsessions

* Top ten conservative idiots. excerpt:

"10. Glenn Beck

"And finally, it's two in a row for Glenn Beck who made last week's list after trying to out-sexually-harrass Bill O'Reilly. So what's Mr. Beck been up to in the past seven days? Well, according to Media Matters:

"On the March 8 edition of his CNN Headline News program, Glenn Beck issued the following warning to members of Congress who support the Democratic leaders' plan to set a date certain for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq: 'If your bill goes through, I hope you can't go to bed any single night without the images of body bags of our American soldiers coming off those planes. I hope they dance in your head every single night, because you will be just as responsible for their deaths as anyone who has ever strapped a bomb to their chest and screamed, 'Allah Akbar.'

"Er, yeah. So the people who are trying to get the troops out of the Iraqi meatgrinder are as responsible for their deaths as suicide bombers, whereas the people who are trying to keep the troops in the meatgrinder are good, upstanding patriots. I guess that makes sense.

"If you've had your brain replaced with a dog turd.'

* “The other night I watched some politicians on television talking about Vietnam. I wanted very much to burst through the screen with a flamethrower and burn their eyes out and their balls off and then inquire from them how they would assess this action from a political point of view.” -- Harold Pinter, 1966


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