March 28, 2007

Certain Flowers Persist
Don't Let Them Get Away

Charles Olson between Robert Duncan & Ruth Witt Diamant, San Francisco State, 1958

Four Poems by Ted Berrigan

Dice Riders

Nothing stands between us
except Flying Tigers
Future Funk
The Avenue B Break Boys
The Voidoids--

Time gets in the way, &
sometimes, lots of sometimes,
We get in its way, so,
Love, love me, do

To Be Serious

You will dream about me
All the months of your life
You won't know whether
That means anything to me or not.
You will know that.
It's about time
You know something.

Tompkins Square Park

All my friends in the
park speak Latin: when
they see me coming, they
say, "Valium?"

Down on Mission

There is a shoulder in New York City
Lined, perfectly relaxed, quoted really, quite high
Only in the picture by virture of getting in
to hear Allen Ginsberg read, 1961

And though the game is over it's beginning lots of
years ago,

And all your Cities of Angels, & San Francisco's are
going to have to fall, & burn again.


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