January 22, 2007

what if it cost $.25 to wake up in the morning

Arnold Mesches. Art in Public Places. 1983

* Top tenconservative idiots. excerpt:

5. Alberto Gonzales (and Arlen Specter)

"Perhaps that's taking things a bit too far. After all, why scrap the judicial system when you can simply stuff it with stooges? Last week, U.S. Attorney Carol Lam was fired by Alberto Gonzales for... well, apparently for not being a classmate of George W. Bush. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, 'Lam's strong record of fighting political corruption and drug kingpins certainly did not provide any grounds for her dismissal.'

"The good news is that her likely replacement, Pat Shea, is a former classmate of George W. Bush. They went to Harvard together. Shea says that 'he and the president remain in regular contact with each other and he voices keen interest in the job of U.S. attorney.' How convenient!

"Oh, did I mention that it was Carol Lam who successfully prosecuted former GOP congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham? Tsk tsk. Can't have rogue attorneys running around putting prominent Republicans in jail, can we.

"If Pat Shea is nominated to replace Carol Lam, he'll have to face the brutal Senate confirmation process. Well, technically he won't actually have to face it, because thanks to Arlen Specter a last-second provision was magically inserted into the Patriot Act which says that the president can bypass the Senate confirmation process and indefinitely appoint an "interim" U.S attorney.

"I say again, how convenient! This White House just gets all the luck.

"Oh, and by the way: Lam was just one of six U.S. attorneys who were recently purged by the Attorney General. Hmm."

* A few pages of the 1987 'zine Disaster by Bill Callahan. check it out.

* "I remember vividly how important it was during the Vietnam War that students all over the country spoke up boldly calling for the United States to withdraw from Vietnam, even when neither the media nor the Congress had come to that position. But what the students did was to put withdrawal on the agenda, compel the rest of the country to consider it, and as the truth about the war became more and more clear others joined, the movement spread, and policy changed.

"Today, there is a similar crisis, and the removal of the Bush administration from power, putting impeachment on the agenda, putting withdrawal on the agenda, is a matter of saving lives, American and Iraqi lives. In this developing situation, students can play a critical role, as they have at other times in history. My hope is that students will join the actions taking place around the State of the Union, to demonstrate that the state of the union is perilous with this administration in charge, and the Bush cabal which has taken power must be compelled to step down. As the Declaration of Independence said so forcefully, when governments no longer fulfill their requirement to safeguard life, liberty, the pursuit of happinessd, they have lost their legitimacy and must be removed from power." -- Howard Zinn


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