August 21, 2006

And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra

that's me in the spot lights, by dronepop.

* Top ten conservative idiots. excerpt:

7. The Bush Administration

"In February 2002, George W. Bush announced his National Drug Control Strategy.

Here's an excerpt:

You know, I'm asked all the time, how can I help fight against terror? What can I do, what can I as a citizen do to defend America? Well, one thing you can do is not purchase illegal drugs. Make no mistake about it, if you're buying illegal drugs in America, it is likely that money is going to end up in the hands of terrorist organizations.

Just think about the Taliban in Afghanistan - 70 percent of the world's opium trade came from Afghanistan, resulting in significant income to the Taliban, significant amount of money to the people that were harboring and feeding and hiding those who attacked and killed thousands of innocent Americans on September the 11th. When we fight drugs, we fight the war on terror.

"So how's that National Drug Control Strategy working out? Well, in 2001, Afghanistan produced 185 tons of opium. And last week officials in Kabul told the Associated Press that in 2005, Afghanistan produced, er, 4,500 tons of opium. Which is a new record. And constitutes almost 90 percent of the world supply, up from 70 percent in 2002. And according to the AP, 'opium accounted for 52 percent of Afghanistan's gross domestic product in 2005.'"

"Yes, it's another smashing success for the Bush administration!"

* New York Times. excerpt:

"The leaders of the 9/11 commission issued a final report last December analyzing how well the administration and Congress had done in carrying out the commission’s 41 recommendations. They awarded only one A minus (for disrupting terrorist financing), a batch of B’s and C’s, and a dozen D’s in such critical areas as reforming intelligence oversight, assessing infrastructure vulnerabilities and sharing information among government agencies. A failure to share intelligence allowed the 9/11 terrorists to succeed despite advance hints of their presence and intentions.

"The commission awarded five failing grades, the most serious of them for Washington’s failure to allocate homeland security funds based on risk. Even after moderate tinkering with the formulas this year, greedy legislators from states that face little danger continue to siphon off funds that would be better used to protect New York, Washington and other large cities likely to hold the greatest attraction for terrorists.

"Almost everyone agrees that the administration has taken some important steps toward greater security, but as the leaders of the 9/11 commission recently commented, it has not made the issue a top priority. The long, costly, chaotic occupation of Iraq, though touted as a front line of the war on terror, has actually sapped energy, resources and top-level attention that would be better applied to the real threat, a terrorist attack on the homeland."

* "Poets are like baseball pitchers. Both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things." -- Robert Frost

* Scroll down at the link for a fantastic new video from neil young.


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