July 7, 2006

you shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you

mt. pleasant and lamont street, wdc, photo by dave jones

The Foreign Press will be playing Mt. Plesant's Lamont Park (across the street from the scene in the picture) tomorrow at 4pm. Please come and say hello.

The Quitter

"You won’t have Nixon to kick around,"
quoth the Nixon, "nevermore,"
after losing the 1962 gubernatorial primary
in California.

Boy would he have left Hunter Thompson high and dry
if he hadn’t put his cleats back on and powered through
the bruising final quarter of his career.

They don’t make Nixons like they used to.

Take the recently deceased Kenneth Lay,
who I think believed his own lies,
or made up his own truths.

Another day another fake-out entity offshore.

Here I am feeling a twinge of pity
(either that or acid reflux or angina)
for a guy who didn’t have to watch Deadwood
one season behind on DVD like I sure do.

I must be quite a guy.

Frontier Guards
-- by James Tate

I'm surprised to find you here, I said.
Likewise, she said. I come here every night,
I said. I do, too, she replied. Well I've never
seen you here, I said. And I've never
seen you either. How could that be? I said.
When we drink we are invisible, she suggested.
I thought it over. What would you like? I said.
Hold my hand and we'll disappear together.
Shazam, she said.

los guitaristas
-- by Robert Creeley

The music is a dance
for the ones who don't dance, it is

a wiggle, obscene, beginning with the
hips, and acending forthwith

to the mind.


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