April 10, 2006

the first ice cold twist of the wind

jeremy blakeall, the dirt

* Top ten conservative idiots. excerpt:

"2. Tom DeLay

"So, farewell, Tom DeLay. How lame your predictions of returning from the wilderness to lead the Republican party into permanent majority status now seem. DeLay announced his resignation from the House of Representatives last week, which clears the way for his final humiliation - the possibility of conviction and imprisonment for conspiracy. But DeLay certainly wasn't going down without a fight. When he was booked in Texas he name-checked Jesus ("Let people see Christ through me"), and last week it was the turn of Martin Luther King ("Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last"). Then the Bugman lashed out at his former colleagues in Congress, saying that the Republican leadership had no agenda.

"DeLay managed to pull off one last screw-job on his supporters before resigning. He knew that the shit was hitting the fan well before his recent primary election but chose to run anyway. Why? Well, it turns out that all the money he managed to raise during the primary can go directly into his legal defense fund. Thanks for the cash, suckers of Congressional District 22.

"Don't count Tom out just yet though - he has a plan to revamp the Republican party 'from the outside.' Whether he'll be able to do that from the inside of a prison cell remains to be seen. But you never know - if Ahmed Chalabi can go from wanted fugitive in Jordan to deputy prime minister of Iraq, could President Thomas D. DeLay be too far down the road? And hey, if America won't forgive him he could always literally follow in Chalabi's footsteps and run for office in Iraq. Actually scratch that - they've got enough to worry about."

-- related: A tom delay poem, written for the dust congress, by Klipshutz:

the twisting in the wind of tom delay

fuck you tom delay
stick a fork in you you’re done
not even worth the trouble
it takes to cap your name
much less a surname twice

hey tom, you know that joke?
the crude mean heartless one?
i bet you do i bet a golfing trip you do—
about the woman with no arms or legs
on the beach & crying
a guy he comes along
to ask her why
she says i’ve never been hugged
okay he hugs her

next day same thing
him her the beach
the tears he asks she says
i’ve never been kissed
he plants one front & center
just like that

day after that the beach
the him the her the waterworks
the question & she says
(in a kind of strangled moan)
i’ve never been fucked
he picks her up & throws her in the water
says i hope the wait was worth it
you’re fucked now

the kind of joke i’d bet my paycheck
you tell the table on a junket
a mariannas junket at the clubhouse
(nineteenth hole) guffaw guffaw
your batteries recharging
for the cockfight after dark
as a coffee colored gal delivers drinks
& jack collects the checks
to hand out later

i hope you feel the burn you turd
the cat & mouseness closing in
as prosecutors squeeze
the underlings you shat upon

if you have some time to kill
you can google your dead self
read this & realize what you’ve become

barely a dead horse to beat
for fun

* what is happiness?

* "Rather than be confronted with an overwhelming proof of the limitations of our understanding, we accuse the dreams of not making sense." -- Erich Fromm


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