March 20, 2006

everybody's going down on themselves

silver jews setlist, boston [via sjbb]

* Two more shows -- Philly and Baltimore -- to go, things will be back to normal around here on Thursday. For reviews of the NYC shows, go here.

* From the April 2006 edition of Harper's:

-- estimated ratio this year of the U.S. defense budget to that of the rest of the world combined: 1:1

-- percentage of Americans who say they trust the military, the presidency, and Congress, respectively: 74,44,22

-- Amount by which Americans total spending last year exceeded their earnings: $41,600,000,000

-- Last year in which spended outstripped earnings: 1933

-- Portion of the grants in President Bush's $415 billion AIDS initiative that has gone to religious groups: 1/4

-- Estimated number of Marshmallow Peeps that will be consumed around Easter this month: 800,000,000

-- Estimated number of pigs who died to make them: 125,000


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