January 30, 2006

the whole street's talking 'bout my white shirts looking so grey

joel traylor, introspection

* Parody of Bush's State of the Union address. No doubt worth your time.

* top ten conservative idiots:

"8. The Bush Administration

"The first report on the Iraq reconstruction effort was released by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction last week, and the conclusions it drew were not pretty.

"According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

'The report lays out evidence of the failure to plan for postinvasion Iraq, lack of adequate staff on the ground to oversee reconstruction, horrible bureaucratic infighting between the Pentagon and the State Department (the State Department gets our vote for being almost always right), and hundreds of millions of dollars gone missing. The fact is, the Bush administration - mostly in the guise of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon - almost totally botched its ballyhooed reconstruction program.'

"In a related story, Dick Cheney's former company Halliburton announced a $1 billion fourth quarter profit last week."

* thanks to all (special thanks to the bands, as well as sqrl, who flew in from Alaska) that packed DCAC Saturday night. pictures to follow, possibly...


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