January 10, 2006

a trance is a spell with a thrill wrapped up inside it

lee krasner, summer play, 1965

* the rude pundit on Alito. excerpt:

"Man, it must be so fuckin' great to be Sammy Alito. Motherfucker can say anything and conservatives'll have his back en masse. Alito can say to Diane Feinstein about his statement on a job app that he hates him some Roe v. Wade, according to Feinstein, 'I was an advocate seeking a job, it was a political job and that was 1985.' And the right wing acts like he lied that he had french fryer experience on a Wendy's application - c'mon, it was twenty years ago, who cares, he was a kid, Ed Meese's jowls hypnotized him, what do ya want from the boy?

"Sammy Alito can write in his questionnaire for his circuit court nomination in 1990, stating plainly, clearly, that he'd 'disqualify himself from any cases involving the Vanguard companies,' which seemed reasonable since Alito had, like, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested with Vanguard funds. Then he can rule in favor of Vanguard in 2002, a case he got 'due to a computer error' that should have warned him that Vanguard was involved. Sammy went ahead to rule on the case, even though Vanguard was the defendant, which means he either lied to the Senate or he didn't read the list of involved parties at the top of the brief, which says, "The Vanguard Group Inc., Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Company, and Vanguard/Morgan Growth Fund Inc." But the White House says that if you dare question Sammy's ethics, you are just a tarnisher to the shiny essence of Alito, you tarnisher, you.

"It's sort of like promising your brother that you won't fuck anyone who ever fucked him and then you meet a hot blonde in a bar who you take back to your place, and during the foreplay, she says that you look just like your brother, who she fucked. And then you fuck her anyways. In the morning, you gotta look in the mirror and admit, 'Well, fuck, guess I was full of shit on that promise.' This ain't even to say the deep pit of shit you stepped in when you gotta face your brother, who's gonna find out, oh, hell, yeah, he's gonna find out. And you'll have to decide if you deserve the ass-kickin' you're gonna get."
"Contradictions are part of life. We are never totally who we say we are, we are never totally who other people believe us to be. We are measured by our actions, and our motives are always open to questioning. The fundamentalist Christian who molests children. The megawealthy CEO who steals from the company. The righteous judge who lies."

* Guide to getting a human on the phone at various corporations. [via]

* The economics of movie tickets.

* twofer tuesday:

-- big puffy girl handwriting, by danielle howle. from live at mckissick museum, 1995

-- for what it's worth, lou rawls. RIP, Lou.


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