January 18, 2006

I was lost in a valley of pleasure

william eggleston

Poems by Patti Smith:

Death of a Tramp

The hills were green and so were we
but not in the way men talk about
we had not known death
nor walked with stain
for all was bright about the land

We had not known death
yet the sparrows ring
set like a wreath upon the marsh
marked for all that shivered cross
in a cast-off clothes himself cast-off

In sun and wind his tramping drum
the high grass knew his shuffling
kindness wrapped his being mild
his countenance moved the brethren

The stench and sense of aimless wrath
now we know death not so the man
a wildflower stowed in ragged breast
the hills are grieved their innocence

The Mast is Down

We lay in the cursed grass devoid of magic,
tracing our disintegration in the kinetic sky.
I touched your arm and the flesh fell away,
and my hands were no longer empty.
Our mount is made of blood earth,
when wet a clay thing writhing.
If you breathe in its mouth it will fly
above the Moorish towers into the blue.
The Pinta is a ship the lone navigate,
channeling the mind once beguiled.
I touched your hip, the bone fell away
and the sea was no longer empty.
We love yet reclaim our dark sails,
gorging the belly of a red dog.

Three Windows

In the garden of the fugitive
he knelt singing
I am with thee

In his white cassock he cried
I pry for that brother
who shot me

A black crucifix appeared
as he lay dying
forgive me

I am one

Crepe streamed from three windows
a flag dropped bound in mourning
these words entered the heart

You have come
the door is open
you will not find me
you will find my love

* blind date with a chancer: must-listen cover of Pavement's Shady Lane, by Julie Doiron.

* "Pursue the small utopias: nature, music, friendship, intimate love." -The Fugs

* From DCB:

Bob Will Be Wife-Shopping (Plenty-to-Go-Round)
Wed Jan 18, 2006 07:52

Hello my e-friends,

I wanted to let the ladies of the nation in
on the ground floor of a wonderful opportunity.
In all the years of Pavement, Bob never slept with
a groupie. It's true. Do I really have to finish
this paragraph? Any woman who walks up to Bob,
during the months of March and April,
merely has to say "I want to rip your
clothes off" and she will be quickly serviced
by an older, wiser bob nastanovich.

Also the touring band is as follows:
me, cassie, tony crow, brian kotzur, william tyler,
and peyton pinkerton. Bob will be drummming on his songs.
Steve West is our soundman.

We sure did have a good time at the Music City Bowl.

Another reason for this tour is it's a way to let everyone
know that I can't stand being called 'Dave.' People
do it freely, and I just think it's time I spoke up.

At www.toddlincoln.com there is a pretty great video of punks in the beerlight made by todd lincoln.
Not mary todd lincoln. Made by todd lincoln.

Finally I'd like to thank everyone for their birthday
cards and if you've written since October, I'm getting
to those soon.

with remarkable love, David


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