November 4, 2005

she suddenly pleaded for mercy she needed

mick jagger, by andy warhol

-- by Gregory Corso

Truly money is a happiness
a false one
Yet it can spare the human soul
the cold lonely living death
of the streets

It can comfort him with
whatever has a price

It can help a blind man
with anything but sight

and Love
Love is a luxury

The love one human has for another
is heartfelt, without doubt

The love one has for money
is unable to purchase love

The love one has for god
sensed by all humankind
is unsure, by faith enjoined,
An answer to the impermanence
of things and oneself --

Which love is the greater?
The first when it strikes
the heart

The second when the heart is

The third when the first is maintained
And the second is of no consequence.

A Guide for My Infant Son
-- by Gregory Corso

Simple perfection
Perfect simplicity
It's easy
like painting a flower
snapping it dead

-- by Gregory Corso

is Life
It flows thru
the death of me
like a river
of becoming
the sea

Dib Dab
-- by Paul Beatty

smooth as...

a baby nicholas brother
tap dancin in a porcelain tub
mr bubble suds
aye que lindo palms filled
with cocoa butter lotion

smooth as...

michael jordan
in the middle of his fifth
airborne freeze frame pump fake
a funky millionaire marionette
pissin on physics
his glossy fresh out the pacific
sea lion brown skin limbs
draped in 8th century heian kimono silk

smooth as...

sarah vaughan
holdin a note dipped in bronze
spit shined with a lonely bootblacks jukebox drool
buffed with chamois cloth and heartache

smooth as...

tap beer after midnight mass

smooth as...

wilma rudolph haulin ass through rome
long tennessee tigerbelle strides
walking down gossamer winged myths
busted shakles in her wake
1960 runaway

smooth as...

an eric dolphy jazz workshopped
alto free swingin lead
that lets mingus know
where he can shove that bow
if he dont ease up pluckin pizzicato
over his solo

smooth as...

billy dee williams. nevermind

smooth as...

lady kung fu
flyin roof to roof
dealing five finer drunken monkey style tiger fisted death
to the imperialist aggressors
hong kong backlot snap kick sound effects
a buttlength ponytail
trailing the action with a mind of its own

smooth as...

first latin black korean
national hockey league offensive superstar
center ice crossovers
one hand on the stick
blue line breakaway
blastin a drive high and tight
stick side
red light and siren

smooth as...

granddads 30 year old
one sunday a month
white patent leather shoes
ones he wears with his lucky powder blue slacks
when he takes you to the track
santa anita belmont yonkers
gives you two disability dollars a race
and tells you to bet the trifecta
on the horses with the names you like

smooth as...

a cab calloway blip blap big band stikkle tat riff
rolling over his process
from front to back
sliding on its knees
down the greased part
of a geechee ghetto trickster in full regalia


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