October 28, 2005

that first ice cold twist of the wind

Carl Andre, Lament for the Children 1976-1996, Concrete blocks (100 units), photograph shows original installation in 1976 at P.S.1., Long Island City

two by klipschutz, in expectation:

The Farce of Evil

Frist it was Rove
then DeLay then
Scooter Segway’d
his way into
the shot
Get Abram-
off my back is
sore from carrying
out ordures
All the
ooze that hardens sits
from plea to briny plea
can’t keep the Humpties
Frist it was
Jeff Gannon (knee
James Guckert) lob-
bing softballs Ari-ward
or was it Scott not
Helen Thomas that
old Arab (said Ann
Coulter) such a nasty
piece of work
Frist in the
arse of his countryclub
mum’s the word Turd
Blossom Judy Judy
(where’s a Cary
Grant imperson hell
does anyone remember
even Gannon’s prob
a bridge-of-memory
too far)
singing like
like like a Judybird
Coop Cooper flew the coop
Scoop Novak put a mojo
on us all and who
the muck is Scooter
anyway you slice it
rotten names fall out
my mouth
Frist Rove
(ram, bling) swift-
boats Joe Wilson
then Novak names
the Plame—champagne!
then the cork goes
orbital then fingers
point then Nobodaddy
takes the blame
(thou silent & invisible
from every searching
Enter Robo-Cheney
Ralph is that you Reed
in water hot a person
friend of Upstairs Man
can’t keep the Humpties
The Bush
I’ve had my fill of
can’t we go back to
before can’t we all
just get fucked
over and over
and over again
my friennnnd
you don’t believe
we’re on the All Hallows
Eve of self-destruction

Pendulum's Progress

the indictment edition

It used to be a scandal
Until it was a flap

First it was a mystery
Then it became history

Which is to say forgotten

Of a sudden it was back—
With a vendetta

Loose words on high
In old familiar places

The cast includes
- a ferreter
- a flak

And the one we’d castrate if we could
- a lying Cheshire sack

For now who skates from under it
(He built his conscience from a kit)

--written in honor of Valerie Plame Wilson


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