October 11, 2005

he's touched your perfect body with his mind

* Is an Ipod Nano worth a golden shower? some think so. excerpt:

"Liza Schubert says her parties 'are always out of control,' often featuring plenty of debauchery. So for her birthday party’s dare contest, she wanted a prize that would make her party guests reconsider their bounds of personal decency. The 23-year-old Glover Park resident originally thought about purchasing a bottle of pricey vodka. But, she says, 'Alcohol this year wasn’t enough.'

"Party host Will Gordon, 22, suggested something more coveted. The get-together fell just after the release of Apple’s hot new iPod Nano, and Gordon knew the tiny gizmo would excite his guests.

"'I liked the hype, so I decided on the Nano,' Schubert says. The day before the shindig, she purchased a brand-new MP3 player at Best Buy in Crystal City, for $211, including tax."
"Nzibo got the ball rolling, when he dared a heterosexual male contender to give one of his gay peers a lap dance. The man refused. He was out, banished to the losers’ lounge.

"The dares escalated. Straight men made out with each other. Feet were licked. Toes were sucked. Someone got a penis in the nose. One gay contestant stuck his face in a woman’s vulva."
"Four hours later, the 16 contestants had been whittled to the final four. The remaining competitors all stripped naked and streaked across Wisconsin Avenue NW at around 1 a.m. Gordon says one 'might have even streaked onto [National] Cathedral property.'"

"The victor, 21-year-old Glover Park resident Jeff Schneidman, shaved his head and endured one most-humiliating act: a golden shower.

"After the contest ended, Schneidman opened the iPod package and passed it around to the other contestants. The choice of prize, Schubert says, was a success: “People were pretty desperate. There were things I didn’t expect.”

"Contacted after the party, Schneidman says he doesn’t like talking about the contest. But he adds, “It was worth it.”

"'Jeff was a champ,' says Daniel Lubrano, 22, the contestant who urinated on Schneidman’s chest and face. 'He really earned it.'"

* Bono, apparently more fucked up than we previously realized, reportedly will play at a fundraiser for Rick Santorum. The $10,000 a seat concert will take place October 16 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia in support of Santorum’s re-election.

-- UPDATE (3:50pm): Bono is NOT doing a fundraiser for Santorum. According to his Jamie Drummond, Executive Director of DATA:

"Throughout the U2 tour, politicians from both sides have been organizing fundraisers at the venues or around specific shows. Neither DATA or Bono are involved in these and they cannot be controlled. The U2 concerts are categorically not fundraisers for any politician - they are rock concerts for U2 fans." Further, Santorum's fundrasier "is a private luxury box at the arena and not an exclusive concert in the entire Wachovia Center in Philadelphia."

* "Democracy is the Free World’s whore, willing to dress up, dress down, willing to satisfy a whole range of tastes, available to be used and abused at will." -- Arundhati Roy


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