October 27, 2005

feed her some hungry reggae she'll love you twice

Cy Twombly, Untitled, 1967

* Indictments expected friday. the washington note is reporting that fitzgerald has just leased additional office space at 1400 New York Avenue, nw, wdc, a block and a half from the white house.

-- related: Miers withdraws.

* The Morning News interviews George Saunders. excerpt:

"RB: Was that your experience when you came here [Syracuse]?

"GS: Yeah, I studied with Tobias Wolff and Douglas Unger and at that time it was only a two-year program and there was lot of teaching, what I consider teaching beneath the teaching. For example, for me, I had a very Kerouackian view of writing: you had to be a fucking nut.

"RB: You had to write on rolls of toilet paper?

"GS: [chuckles] You had to be crazy. Drunk or something. Messed up. And I didn’t really feel like I was that messed up in an overt way. I was worried. To see Toby working, with a family that he dearly loved, working industriously, beyond industriously, beautifully every day, turning out these masterpieces, and he was a nice person. A loving and loved person. That was a big thing to say that was OK. We are working at a higher level than personal quirkiness—we are talking about the work itself. What you do in your life is not—doesn’t matter."
"GS: It makes it scarier when you don’t have the crutch of flamboyance. We don’t care what kind of person they are. What do the words say? That’s scary in a way. It’s easier to wear the cravat and—

"RB: And be a poseur.

GS: This goes back to what we said earlier. There is a story that I tell too much but I love it. Tolstoy and Gorky are in Moscow and Tolstoy sees these Hussars coming towards them, Russian Green Berets, and he says, 'Ah, that’s everything that’s wrong with Russia. The preening and the self, the narcissism and the aggression—it’s going to be the end of Russia.' And Gorky is really impressed and convinced. So they walk by, and Tolstoy turns on his heel and says, 'On the other hand, what magnificent specimens.' And he goes on and on in the other direction. That’s the thing about art that’s so powerful. A person’s depressed. OK. Good thing or bad thing? Both, and if a person can describe a “depressed” state, through both the lens of what it feels like, how it feels when you are clear of it, a holographic three-dimensional—"

* Filmstrip on gluesniffing and pills.

* the rude pundit. excerpt:

"You wanna tell us how that is like an investigation into who outed a CIA agent's identity as a way of discrediting someone who questioned the reasoning that got us into a goddamn war? You wanna tell us how Rove and Libby lying under oath about how they disseminated that information and where they got it from is in any way similar to lyin' about who you fucked? You wanna tell us how Patrick Fitzgerald's possible opening of his investigation into the rationale for going to an ongoing war is in any way as irrelevant as veering a financial dealings investigation into a lie about blow jobs and hand jobs that had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not Bill Clinton got a little financial benefit from a shitty savings and loan bank that went under?

"Is there a clamor to look into George Bush's sexual habits to see a pattern of exaggerating what's real? Is anyone asking what George Bush's dick looks like? 'Cause at this point, it oughta be shrivelled like a scared turtle, to the point where he has to dig into his body cavity to pull it out to take a piss.

"So, yeah, the Rude Pundit finds himself as 'repulsed' as Kristof. But his repulsion is at the manipulation of the media and the public by an administration that cravenly, cretinously desired a war; his repulsion is at the inability of the Bush administration to admit error on the path to destruction. Instead, it just sends its lackeys, attack dogs, and others to do its bidding. Sure, there's a lot of disgusting shit out there. Slamming Scooter and Karl (and maybe others) into the dirt and making them eat rocks ain't part of it."

* 'Video' for grandaddy's jed's other poem created and programmed in Applesoft II on a 1979 Apple ][+ with 48K of RAM. [ via]


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