October 20, 2005

And I think about that, and I sorta black out

A Few of My Favorite Things as in Bach and Other, 2003, Raymond Saunders

* Wolcott:

"If it looks as if Cheney has to resign and Bush himself enters the Nixon danger zone, we'll hear the same frets and cries from the pundit shows about the country being torn apart and Americans losing faith in their government. But it isn't the country that will be torn apart by Plamegate any more than the country was torn apart during Watergate (which provided daily thrilling news entertainment value that bound citizens together); it's the Washington establishment that will be torn apart. And it should be torn apart. It's failed the country, and it's played by its own rules for too long, and 'criminalizing politics' is exactly what should be done when political criminals deceive a nation into a war with Judith Miller serving as the Angie Dickinson to their Rat Pack and Richard Cohen auditioning for the part of Joey Bishop."

* the cunning realist:

"To me, Bush's public statements on this are paramount. Yes, what he said to the prosecutors is legally crucial---and as reported in this piece by Murray Waas, Bush stated to prosecutors in June 2004 that Rove had assured him he was not involved with the Plame leak. If both DeFrank's and Waas' reports are true, this president could be in extremely serious trouble. But here's what I really want to know: did this president stare into a camera and lie about this to the American public?"

* Joe Pernice provides a third installment in his cribs series, this time discussing his various modes of transportation. [via]

* "High Art has a communicability far superior in scope and strength to any other form of human endeavour." -- frank o'hara

* Lots of Joos reviews.

* In DC? Don't forget that next Tuesday is the annual High Heel race on 17th between P and R streets. get there early if you want to be able to see anything. race starts at 9 sharp.


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