September 29, 2005

I never meant to be the needle that broke your back

joseph kosuth, untitled, 1997

* Michael Brown is a little bitch. excerpt:

"On Sunday, August 28, Michael Brown, then the Chief of FEMA, told CNN about the impending landfall of Hurricane Katrina, '[W]e actually started preparing for this about two years ago. We had decided to start doing catastrophic disaster planning and the first place we picked to do that kind of planning was New Orleans because we knew from experience, based back in the '40s and even in the late 1800s, if a category five or five hurricane were to strike New Orleans just right, the flooding would be devastating. It could be catastrophic. So we did this planning two years ago. And actually there's a tabletop exercise with the Louisiana officials about a year ago. So the planning's been in place now. We're ready for the storm...'
"Michael Brown is a little bitch because he said that the two things he wished he had done better were to hold more press conferences and to 'persuade Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin to sit down, get over their differences and work together.' It's the government equivalent of 'I just care too much.' Michael Brown is a little bitch because he refused almost all blame - indeed, except for a brief mention of the raping of FEMA in folding it into the Department of Homeland Security, he believes that he 'did a darn good job.' And yet Brown bragged about FEMA being ready on CNN despite the fact that he knew, as he said in the hearing, 'we did the catastrophic planning a year ago and had no money, since then, to do anything.'

"Michael Brown is a little bitch because he expressed no sorrow about the deaths of hundreds of people, whose corpses are still being found or have been eaten or swept into the lake or river, even when he was reminded of them during the hearing. He's a little bitch because he did such a good job covering for his masters in the Bush administration, especially after Karl Rove probably put a dozen Arabian horse heads in his bed after Brown allegedly went to the National Enquirer with the story that the President's been suckin' back whiskey like the chief chowder eater at a blow job convention. Except for one moment, when Brown said, '[P]erhaps I'm not as brave as some people say I am because I probably should have just resigned my post earlier and gone public with some of these things,' or, in other words, 'I am a little bitch.'"
"In the end, Michael Brown is a little bitch because he's behaved like the President, Donald Rumsfeld, and all the other little bitches that populate the White House: he decided it was all about him and saving his ass at the expense of whatever asses got in his way."

-- related New York Times. excerpt:

"Win or lose in court, Mr. DeLay should be permanently stripped of his leadership powers. The imperious Texan is an increasing embarrassment to his party, turning its majority into an undisguised fountain of patronage and an ideological cudgel while skirting the bounds of campaign law. The underlying deed that prompted the Texas indictment is reason enough for him to relinquish leadership. Mr. DeLay was open in his stratagem of using his federal clout to game state elections in Texas and force an unusual and legally dubious gerrymander to cushion the Republican Congressional majority."

* Bush pardons 14 people.

* Trailer created for the shining, assuming it was recently made and released for this fall season.

* Mini golf for ladies, a short film by annie lou bayley

* Fill in the blank spaces on the silver Jews Wikipedia entry


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