September 30, 2005

crotch mavens and one night plays

not so great camera phone shot I took of david berman and will oldham performing berman's Publicity Stunt last night in empty retail space in nyc (you can see will's leg in the lower corner of the picture)

many thanks to jeff for providing the invite. about 75 people, including the often hilarious propriator of number one hit song, were in attendance. steve keene constructed the set, which he made available after the show, along with keene mock-ups of the Tanglewood Numbers cover, for dirt cheap. the short play had oldham playing berman's psychologist as the two discussed playing live.

still unknown: whether the Joos will tour on Tanglewood Numbers (out October 18!!!)?

known: if they do, crowds will be large and excited.

Tanglewood Numbers is a fantastic record. Get yours the day it comes out.

A Dust Congress Premiere

earlier this week, the dust congress comissioned (well, asked, no cash will exchange hands) the san francisco poet, klipschutz, whose poetry frequents this site, to write a poem about Jack Abramoff. he accepted his first commission and went to work. here is his piece:

-- by klipschutz

Without DeLay
Jack Abramoff
pled guilty
to persuasion
to lobbying
his way into
the earshot of
politicos for
sale inside
the Beltway
on the Hill.

counts of wire
fraud one
county of
these he did
deny with-
out DeLay
by his side.
-a chain of sandwich shops
-a “gang style hit”
-a Dial-a-Mattress franchise
all were
in the mix
hundreds of
millions of

Tom DeLay
(R - Sugar Land)
a k a
The Hammer
The Exterminator
The ReDistrictinator
Hot Tub Tom
(who asked “Is-
n’t this kind of fun?”
of Katrina’s refugees)
soon had a felony
indictment of his
own to deny.

Abramoff Abramoff
DeLay vaudeville
or a law firm
or a debt we
all will pay
the interest on
for years and
years to come?


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