September 27, 2005

come senators, congressmen please heed the call

andy diaz hope, double down, photographs inside gel caps, 2005

from the uni-quarterly state of the jews address:

The Uni-Quarterly State of the Jews Address
Mon Sep 26, 2005 11:26

actually just wanted to clear up some confusion. About
the initials of the title of the new album. Our recommmended
acronym is TW#S. Not TN. Also while we're on the subject of standards. i'd like
to let out the fact that I flinch at being called Dave.
David is good. Do you find that fascinating?
Also after 13 years someone correctly guessed the meaning
of silver jews. a stringer for a belgian website was the correct guesser. have you heard the news: they never found
john denvers skull. i like to imagine the eyesocket threaded
with rocky mountain ferns on a verdant outcrop. also i like to imagine bigfoot using it as a drinking cup filled with ice cold bear urine.

-- more here, including an interview by a german music magazine.

from Harper's October 2005:

* rank of 2004 among the most fiscally reckless years in U.S. history, according to the comptroller general -- 1

* months of vacation that president bush has taken in five years -- 11

* number of U.S. states where beastiality is legal -- 20

* number of toilet seats at the EU Parliament building in Brussels tv station had tested for cocaine -- 46

* number that tested positive -- 41

* "Printing, having found in the book a refuge in which to lead an autonomous existence, is pitilessly dragged out onto the street by advertisements and subjected to the brutal heteronomies of economic chaos. This is the hard schooling of its new form. If centuries ago it began gradually to lie down, passing from the upright inscription to the manuscript resting on sloping desks before finally taking to bed in the printed book, it now begins just as slowly to rise again from the ground. The newspaper is read more in the vertical than in the horizontal plane, while film and advertisement force the printed word entirely into the dictatorial perpendicular. And before a child of our time finds his way clear to opening a book, his eyes have been exposed to such a blizzard of changing, colourful, conflicting letters that the chances of his penetrating the archaic stillness of the book are slight. - Walter Benjamin [via]

* Also, check out trigger cut.


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