August 15, 2005

we're gonna find the meaning of feeling good

an afternoon beer, by Joseph Szabo, 1978

* Top Ten Conservative Idiots. excerpt:

"3. The Pentagon

"What better way to mourn the loss of 3,000 people on September 11, 2001, than to hold a great big pro-Iraq-War rally in the middle of Washington DC? Despite all the evidence showing that Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11 - evidence which even Our Great Leader has agreed with - the two are still firmly intertwined in the minds of the Bush administration.

"So grab yer walking shoes, because on September 11 this year the Pentagon is holding a fabulous state-sponsored display of patriotism (funny, I thought they only did things like that in places like North Korea and China) to be known as the America Supports You Freedom Walk. According to the Department of Defense's website, the walk will start in 'the Pentagon South parking lot, near the site where the airliner crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. The walk route will consist of a two-mile trek through Arlington National Cemetery, over the Potomac River, and will end by the reflecting pool on the National Mall.' Where, glory of glories, all you lucky freedom walkers will be serenaded by Clint Black.

"Again according to the DoD site, 'America Supports You' is a nationwide program launched by the Defense Department with the goal of highlighting how Americans across the country are supporting the men and women of the armed forces.' Personally I'm supporting the men and women of the armed forces by forwarding the concept that if they were withdrawn from Iraq sooner rather than later, fewer of them would die or be multilated. But I don't imagine the Pentagon will be 'highlighting' that idea any time soon. I wonder if it would help if I listened to Clint Black?

"And just to remind us all of the cherished freedoms we take for granted, in order to participate with in the Freedom Walk, you'll have to register with the Department of Defense. That's right! Required fields include: name, age group, street address, city, state and zip, email address, AND your telephone number.

"And, freedom fans, don't forget:

"After you submit your registration, you will receive a receipt with a registration number. Please print out this receipt and bring it with you to the Pentagon South Parking to check-in before the event. You MUST have your registration number to check-in!

"Hmm, so let me get this straight - the Pentagon wants your name, age, address, and telephone number, and then they're going to send you on a two mile walk... why do I smell a massive 9/11 Freedom Walk recruitment dragnet?" --- related

* "Music is much like fucking, but some composers can't climax and others climax too often, leaving themselves and the listener jaded and spent." -- charles bukowski


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