July 12, 2005

I never asked for the truth but you owe that to me

Vocalise, by Andrea Way

* The Cunning Realist on Rove. excerpt:

"It's too early to say he is officially guilty of anything. But what we know at this point is more than a little ugly, and has extremely serious implications. The outing of a CIA agent would be bad enough. But the possibility of the most powerful unelected---and thus unaccountable---White House official trafficking in national secrets as part of an effort to subvert and short-circuit the public debate over the need to go to war? It would certainly be on a par with Watergate, and arguably far more serious. Until we get some clarity on all this, Rove must step aside to salvage what integrity remains for this administration. He certainly cannot be effective if he stays, unless his job is solely to make speeches about Dick Durbin and 'the motives of liberals.' And he wouldn't even be able to do that well right now. By the way, we now know the genesis of and motive behind that speech: a 'get one last shot in while I still can' blast from a man who knew what was about to go down.

"And just like Watergate, the question about what the president knew and when he knew it is highly relevant here. Bush is on record and on camera with statements about this. What information did he possess when he said he wanted the leaker to 'come forward and speak out?' And in the unlikely event that Bush did not know until now that Rove was involved, isn't the fact that Rove did not admit to this before now---despite the publicly-stated desire of his boss for the leaker to come forward---itself gross insubordination worthy of immediate termination?

"Of course, someone else who is abundantly on the record is Scott McClellan. If you can watch this video of the press gaggle today and not think he needs to be replaced, you have more confidence in him than I do. I've thought that he should go for some time now. This is the mouthpiece of the administration and thus the nation at an extremely important time, and it's painfully and embarrassingly clear that at best he is in over his head, and at worst---well, we'll see."

* Clusterfuck Nation on globalism. excerpt:

"Also, it must be obvious that relative world peace depends on equitable distribution of cheap energy. If the industrial nations don't get the oil and gas they need at a tolerable price, they are going to get very cranky, and when nations get cranky, peace itself is in short supply.

"Three quarters of the world's oil is in the eastern hemisphere -- two-thirds of the total is in the Middle east alone. Guess what? All of it is a lot closer to China than it is to us. Some of it they can walk to. Do you have any idea how desperate for oil both China and America are going to be in five years? Do you have a clue how tapped out America's WalMart shoppers are going to be as jobs vanish and the value of a dollar craters in the face of runaway energy prices?

"Globalism is yesterday's tomorrow. The future is about living locally on a much smaller scale. Pepsi Cola and Exxon-Mobil are exactly the kind of gigantic enterprises that are going to wither and die over the next decade. China is not tomorrow's geopolitical colossus, it's a geopolitical super train wreck waiting to collide with the reality of its environmental devastation, population overshoot, and energy starvation. Americans will be lucky if they can do each other's laundry ten years from now, let alone sell massive amounts of soda pop to people twelve thousand miles away.

"Is it an accident that there is so much Realty TV in America when, in fact, there is so little reality?"

* DC band the caribbean (which includes foreign press guitarist dave jones) is heading out to the west coast tomorrow to play shows supporting their breakout full-length, Plastic Explosives, which drops on Hometapes in September. Stop by and say hello:

Thursday, July 14: In-store, Jackpot Records, Portland, OR
Thursday, July 14: Holocene, Portland, OR
Sat., July 16: The Lower Level, Seattle, WA
Sun., July 17: The Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA
Tues., July 19: In-store, Sea Level Records, Los Angeles, CA
Wed., July 20: Knitting Factory Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

* "When you cut into the present the future leaks out." -- William Burroughs


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