July 12, 2005

he knows what its like to be 45 in a 53

Twilight, by Kim Hanna

* Old 45s digitized continued: ...and then, by pavement

* Keith Richards to make Hollywood debut opposite Johnny Depp.

* Three poems by Charles Simic:

Small Feast

Naked at the table
Face to face
Eating grilled squid
With our hands.

She licks the olive oil
And garlic
Off her long fingers,
One by one

Eat some bread, I say.
She just laughs at that,
A hot pepper flake stuck
On the tip of her tongue.

The Seeress

You'll lead a saint into wickedness,
Her cards say.
The breasts about to slip out of her dress
Worthy of a seance all their own.

Oh my storefront seeress,
With your moist and roving tongue
That warns of unhappiness
Which is secret happiness.

Pretty Watchband

Feeding ladybugs
To a rattlesnake
Out of your own hand,
Miss Muffet.

Your watchband made me think of that,
And your naked breast and nipple
Made me think of milk
For the darting tongue to lick,
And the hidden equally busy
Tiny red teeth of your watch to nibble.


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