June 23, 2005

you are sleeping off your demons when I come home

open red, by norman bluhm

* Wolcott:

"Over the years I've often found myself wondering if certain members of the devil's party inhale insecticide to psyche themselves up for the evil they do. Tom DeLay is a logical candidate, given his professional background, and Ann Coulter often has the bug eyes characteristic of bug-juice abuse. Watching Fox News, I figured they might keep a industrial-sized bug inhaler in the offices for their producers and hosts to take an invigorating hit from before pushing the Bush agenda.

"As is so often the case, my suspicions have been creepily confirmed. According to the ongoing reports at Media Bistro's TV Newser, production and tech workers in the NY offices of Fox News Channel in NY may have been exposed to diazinon, 'a neurotoxin class insecticide.' This is quite dangerous. If the hosts were inhaling insecticide from their own personal bug masks, that would be their own containable risktaking, but spraying an insecticide banned for indoor use by the EPA in the premises could be causing health hazards to unwitting personnel just doing about their jobs. One tipster to TVnewser claims that here you have 'unlicensed people spraying illegal chemicals,' which, if true, would be really taking unfettered capitalism and opposition to bureaucratic regulation rather too far. But we shall see what we shall see, as the former WABC sports-talk host Art Rust Jr. used to say."

* Scientists discover the body's marijuana-like compounds are crucial for stress-induced pain relief. excerpt:

"The work, led by scientists at the University of Georgia and the University of California, Irvine, may yield a target for new drug therapies that will completely bypass the current arguments over the use of medical marijuana. In theory, the new research makes it possible to design a pill that will have the same pain relieving effects as smoked marijuana, but through an indirect mechanism that could also reduce unwanted psychoactive side effects and not have the same political baggage.

"'There is no prescription or over the counter drug that allows us to manipulate the level of the brain's marijuana-like compounds,'" said Andrea Hohmann, a neuroscientist in the department of psychology at the University of Georgia and co-author of the paper. 'This is the first time anyone has shown that one of the body's naturally occurring cannabinoids, a compound known as 2-AG, has anything to do with pain regulation under natural conditions.'"

* Saturday night in DC is the 4th Annual Run For Cover show at the Black Cat. Appearing will be, among others: The Sandinistas (The Clash); Woodsprites (The Pixies); Another Man's Sac (The Butthole Surfers); Just Oates (Hall and Oates, minus Hall?) and The Queen is Dead (The Smiths). If previous Run for Covers are any indication, this will be loads of fun, and will kick off at 10pm.


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