June 3, 2005

The only thing you taught me is the only thing you know

Roy DeCarava, Coltrane on soprano, 1963

Poems by Paul Beatty:

The Revolution Will Be Commercialized

7 out of 10 grass roots interventionists
recommend trident missiles
for their patients
who eschew guns


bob marley banter
from nigguh on decanter
cookin up in the rocks

stir it up little darlin

three dead birds wait on the curb
sunken cheeks askin to lick the beaker

This Side Up

on the corner
138th and st. nick
i caught america with her panties down
peeped under her dress
and saw a cardboard one person shantytown

Will to Have a Son

fuck a remote control
pops dont need technology

he just go
Shawn Don Mom
one of you motherfuckahs come here and change this channel

A Three Point Shot From Andromeda

rain rusted orange
ring of saturn
in urban orbit
over an outdoor gym

nighttime jumpers
pull up to the hoop
dance on the rim
bolted against a
metal backboard sky
riddled with

ninety nine thousand
BB sized holes
compressing fifth floor duplex
kitchen light
into a galaxy
of 50 watt schoolyard stars

supra flex intense constellations
rotate on defense
double down
tryin to guard
spinning playground
planetarium delirium
of black gods flyin
on neighborhood rep
shake n bake
pump fake
jab step
past orion
walk on air
and burst a reverse

on the stellar bear

... and a link to Beatty's excellent Daryl Strawberry Asleep in the Field of Dreams.


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