April 14, 2005

the sun peeks in on an afternoon drunk

adventures in poetry, by Carol Bove

* Do cannabis withdrawals need drug therapy? excerpt:

CASE STUDY: Cannabis Withdrawal in Adult Caucasian Male

PUBLICATION: The Journal of Non-Peer-Reviewed Politicized Irreproducable Junk Science

RESEARCHER: E. Elevator, LSMFT, Miskatonic University Medical School

EXPERIMENTAL METHODOLOGY: Subject ran out and couldn't get any for a couple of weeks.

CLINICAL OBSERVATIONS: Subject was observed to be grouchy, and vocalized using vocabulary acquired during prior enlisted military service. Subject reported loss of desire to play scratchy old Jimi Hendrix and Traffic vinyl. Noticeable loss of appetite for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Necco Skybars and "Dagwood" sandwiches.

CONCLUSIONS: Sudden withdrawal from cannabis use is a significant, life-threatening medical, psychiatric, genetic, hormonal, supercallifragialisticexpialidocious, iatrogenic phenomenon requiring professional intervention, preferably coerced and incarcerated, for the addict's own good. Indications of successful recovery include sincere-sounding testaments to probation officers and judges of how really sorry subject is, and how grateful subject now is for the criminal-justice intervention which was "the luckiest day of my life" (J. Walters).

* "It has not been definitively proved that the language of words is the best possible language. And it seems that on the stage, which is above all a space to fill and a place where something happens, the language of words may have to give way before a language of signs whose objective aspect is the one that has the most immediate impact on us. Considered in this light, the objective work of the mise en scnène assumes a kind of intellectual dignity from the effacement of words behind gestures and from the fact that the esthetic, plastic part of theater drops its role of decorative intermediary in order to become, in the proper sense of the word, a directly communicative language." - Antonin Artaud, The Theater and its Double

* Bars and Guitars has posted a new mountain goats song: the lion's teeth.


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