April 8, 2005

People are abused Bush government hides truth

From Ed Sanders' amazing bio-in-verse "The Life and Poetry of Allen Ginsberg."


"April 17, Gordon Liddy, later
sent to jail for his role
in Nixon's dirty tricks team,
led a raid by Dutchess County police
on Tim Leary's 2,500 acre estate in Millbrook
loaned to him by Billy Hitchcock

29 people were there and searched,
and all 64 rooms of the mansion searched
but no grasss was found.

Liddy was sure he had found something
ascribable to Leary
but it turned out to be peat moss.

Allen helped organize a full-page ad in The New York Times
to help Mr. Leary.

In June Allen testified in D.C.
against making LSD illegal
to no avail.

The summer of '66
saw the death of the brillian poet Frank O'Hara
struck down by a dune taxi
on Fire Island July 24.

Allen wrote his
"City Midnight Junk Strains" from Frank O'Hara
(p. 457, Collected Poems)

The next day
Bob Dylan had his motorcycle accident in Bearsville
an injured neck and other bruisings

Three weeks later Allen visited Dylan
bringing him some books, Rimbaud, Blake
Dickenson, Shelly

The fall of '66
loomed like the frentic highway
of the same name
hundreds of interviews, readings, letters, journal entries,
skin-slups, hookahs, plane trips, arguments & kisses

He wrote "A Vow" on October 11
a fine example of what could be called the Scold Poem.
Like the great Norman Thomas,
the bard was sometimes content merely to scold --
singing his vision of calming down the Greed Machine
(p. 460, Collected Poems)

Then came the great year of Flower Power, 1967."

While out of print, this book can be found easily and reasonably priced at Advanced Book Exchange. Highly recommended that you pick up a copy today.

* Rough Cuts: dutch flowers (singel 387), by The Foreign Press. Recorded live at the 'first time with drums' sessions. Please scroll down two days and check out 'Tuscaloosa."


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