March 1, 2005

and you know there's something else but you can't give it a name

* Studio Gallery (2108 R street, wdc) is showing new work by Laurence Wyllie. The opening reception and open house will be Friday March 4, 2005 from 6pm until 8pm in conjunction with Galleries of Dupont. Wyllie's work will be on
display at the gallery until March 27, 2005.

* Daily Show "reporter" attends press conference. excerpt:

"A 'correspondent' from the fake news show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, was outside City Hall yesterday to get some answers from City Council Speaker Gifford Miller.

"Wearing a badly groomed hair piece, a fake mustache and an ugly 1970s tie, Rob Corddry waited patiently until after the real reporters had posed their questions to ask one about about Social Security.

"Standing awkwardly with his legs far apart as though he were getting ready to sprint, nodding in agreement to every word spoken by Miller about the West Side Stadium, Corddry finally raised his hand.

"'Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker'" he shouted, as if in a White House news conference, identifying himself as 'Dino Ironbody''
His question: 'How do you feel about the president's awesome plan to privatize Social Security?'

"Miller, who realized what was going on, played along.

"'I'm not such a big fan of the president's plan to private Social Security,' Miller said. 'I think Social Security has worked pretty well for generations and we outta stick with something that works.'

"After the gathering broke up, Corddry, in a move uncharacteristic of reporters, invited them to chat.
"'Anybody wants to talk shop, I will be right here,' he said, pointing to the ground and cameras rolling. 'Good conference man.'

"A spokesman for Comedy Central, where the show is aired, said the pretend reporter was spoofing the former White House correspondent known as Jeff Gannon -- who is really James D. Guckert -- who worked for a conservative Web site and was accused of asking pro-Bush questions. The access Guckert enjoyed to White House news conferences has been a source of controversy.

"Comedy Central says the segment will air during Thursday's show."

* Luna's Last Waltz, which has posted a neat picture of Dean getting into a cab following the final Luna gig, documents Luna's final days. [via]


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