February 9, 2005

punks in the beerlight

Info on the upcoming Silver Jews album, from the main Jew:

We won't be finished until Feb.24th. So it should come out around July. i'm giving a reading at sarah lawrence on thurs nite at 9pm. bring a walkman and ill let you listen to what it sounds like so far. the working title is "tanglewood numbers"

you know "woodchilde masquerade" had it's chances. and i know what you're thinking-

but remember "the natural bridge" is THREE words.

the players in order of appearance:

mike fellows
steve malkmus
brian kotzur
bob nastanovich
bobby bare jr.
steve west
duane denison
azita youseffi
will oldham
pete cummings
tony crow
paz lenchatain
j.d. wilkes

songs are called :

sleeping is the only love
there is a place
punks in the beerlight
how can i love you (if you won't lie down?)
the poor the fair and the good
animal shapes
i'm getting back (into getting back into getting back into you)
sometimes the pony gets depressed
the farmer's hotel
brian's song
freezing in the shadow of your knee
region ten

re: is it the last silver jews album? Impossible! as long as two of us walk the earth the band is still together. and, as always, thanks to you that give a damn about what we do.


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