February 23, 2005

All sing to say my dream has come

* Wolcott:

"Jack Valenti is about as useful as a third foot. Since turning in his executive washroom key as head of the Motion Picture Association (i.e., Hollywood's ambassador to Washington, and vice versa), Valenti has been something of a regular on CNN's Inside Politics, paired with an inanimate Ed Rollins. Valenti's role, I surmise, is to provide the senior statesman perspective from the Democratic side as Rollins plays the role of Republican warhorse, snorting sawdust."
"Today the topic was the just-released Bush tapes, which Valenti thought revealed Bush in a favorable light, since they showed he was all of a piece, not saying one thing in private and another in public. Now, I don't think these tapes are a scandalous biggie. Taping friends without permission: finky. But I also think it's a true falsetto note of hypocrisy for Bush to sneer at Gore for being "a pathological liar" when Gore was honest about marijuana use and Bush hedged the issue, using the phony argument that he didn't want to be forthcoming and set a bad example for the kiddies. That's become the great all-American personal copout and political rationalization, claiming that your goal is to "protect the children."

"Yes, it's comforting to hear that Bush doesn't harbor hate for homosexuals, but so what? The anti-AARP campaign that uses gay-bashing--men kissing! cover your eyes, Myrtle!--to help sell Social Security privatization has Karl Rove's grubby fingerprints and gleeful grin all over it, and anti-gay-rights referenda will be shoved forward going into to the midterm elections to build even greater Republican majorities.* This is the wishing well that Andrew Sullivan kept falling into, and perhaps will again. He thought that because Bush's Crawford ranch is "green," Bush wasn't as anti-environment as his enemies made him out to be (no, he's worse), and that because he's comfortable around gays (i.e., doesn't stiffen like an ironing board and ick out), he didn't really intend to prevent Andy from getting married someday."

* Jesus' General posted some viewer email sent to Keith Olbermann.

* "The United States is the only place in the world where you can drive down of Anytowm USA and finds the word DRUGS spelled out in four foot high letters. Historically, the 'War on Drugs' has been nothing but a war on progress, while a simultaneous war on the impoverished." -- Thomas Ware, Thomas; Admission of Error is not Concession to Defeat; 1994.

* Ramble Tamble? Bush has Creedence Clearwater Revival on his ipod.


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