January 18, 2005

Thick heart of stone my sins my own

* Some sage advice from M's The Sensuous Man (originally published in 1971). excerpt:

On the orgy:

"If you decide the orgy is for you, be prepared for a long, exhausting evening. Don't go just to watch -- that's very rude at an orgy. Spread yourself around as far as you will go. That way, nobody will be offended. Don't expect privacy. And don't count on pairing off, because orgiasts love sweaty, heaving, ejaculating heaps of naked bodies. Wear casual clothes, the kind you can pull off and toss into a corner. And remember, at all times, that you are perpetuating a hallowed tradition in Western civilization."

On anal sex:

"Insert your finger in the anus and rotate it from side to side. Gently rotating your finger will contribute to her sense of relaxation and soon will generate warm positive feelings. Use more lubrication and insert your finger again, penetrating deeper into her anus each time. Withdraw and insert. Repeat.

Be extremely sensitive to her reaction to avoid causing her stress or pain. Lubricate your penis from top to bottom, using an extra generous amount of cream on and around the head.

Now place the head of the penis up against the anal opening. Permit her to push back against you so she can control the initiall slow entrance. When the head of the penis penetrates the rectum, hold still for a moment to allow her sphincter muscle to adjust to the newcomer."

On how to administer "the feathery flick:"

"Raise her right through the roof with this one. Locate that fascinating clitoris - the most sensitive little sex organ on her body - with your tongue. Flick the tip fo your tongue back and forth along the top of the shaft, in much the same way you would stroke a banjo but, of course, with a much lighter touch. Now flick up into the mons area, back down again along the clitorial shaft, and finally, when she is very excited, move your tongue with a feathery flick until she comes."

* Entries
-- by James Tate

When I think no thing is like any other thing
I become speechless, cold, my body turns silver
and water runs off me. There I am
ten feet from myself, possessor of nothing,
uncomprehending of even teh simplest particle of dust.
But when I say, You are like
a swamp animal during an eclipse,
I am happy, full of wisdom, loved by children
and old men alike. I am sorry if this confuses you.
During an eclipse the swamp animal
acts as though day were night,
drinking when he should be sleeping, etc.
This is why men stay up all night
writing to you.

* I'll be heading over to Amsterdam next week. If anyone can recommend cool things to do while there, please advise in comments. thanks.


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