January 14, 2005

once we had dreams now we have schemes

POTLUCK setlist:

Bob Dylan -- A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (fr. Live '75)
The Feelies -- Real Cool Time
Pere Ubu -- Non-Alignment Pact
VU -- Temptation Inside Your Heart
The Fall -- How I Wrote Elastic Man
Rocket From the Tombs -- Muckraker
The Mice -- Not Proud of the USA
Velvet Crush -- She Cracked
The Who -- Run Run Run
GBV -- Echos Myron
Olivia Tremor Control -- The Opera House
Holly Golightly -- Time Will Tell
Luna -- Smile
Marc Bolan -- Saturday Night
Love -- Can't Explain
Black Tambourine -- Throw Aggi From the Bridge
Archers of Loaf -- Freezing Point
The Wrens -- Hopeless
Sonic Youth -- Silver Rocket
Neil Young -- Homegrown
(smog) -- Morality
Preston School of Industry -- Walk of a Gurl
Lou Rawls -- For What its Worth
Sparklehorse -- Gold Day
Bobby Bare Jr. -- Let's Rock and Roll
Silver Jews -- Long Long Gone
John Phillips -- Campy California
Momus -- Finnegan the Folk Hero
Frank Zappa -- You Can Get Your Point Across
Bruce McCullough -- Eraserhead
Patty Smith -- My Generation
The Fugs -- Doing All Right
Dump -- Rasberry Beret
Pavement -- Coolin By Sound
A.C. Newman -- Drink to Me Babe, Then
Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair -- My Life is Starting Over Again
Califone -- No Expectations
Bill Fox -- Let's Be Buried Together
Jim Carrol -- People Who Died


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