January 6, 2005

I'm getting in tune with the straight and narrow

* "In order to create it is necessary to destroy; and the agent of destruction in society is the poet. I believe that the poet is necessarily an anarchist, and that he must oppose all organized conceptions of the State, not only those which we inherit from the past, but equally those which are imposed on people in the name of the future."

Herbert Read, from Poetry and Anarchism, 1938

* Tranquility Airplaneless Airport reports that the Silver Jews are recording in Nashville with the following lineup:

Stephen Malkmus, guit
Mike Fellows bass
"The drummer is local Titans booster, Brian Kotzur"
Cassie B on a couple vocals &
maybe Will Oldham and Steve West and maybe even Bobby Nastanovich.

Sounds good to me.

[via tim thompson]

* CIA cheif Porter Goss ends daily 5pm meetings that have been used since the Sept. 11 attacks to coordinate counterterrorism operations around the world. Goss believes the CIA devotes too much time and resources to fighting terrorism.


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