December 8, 2004

you cannot want to not want

you cannot want to not want

*The Oxford American is back and includes this:

A stunning essay by the Grand Master of Southern Letters, Barry Hannah, on a vision he had of Jesus.

*just finished this. here's an excerpt:

"Having ideas or beliefs that others do not share?
Breathing into a plastic bag changes the humidity in a room. A carpet knife can be useful in the removal of ingrown toenails. Not all bad people are French, but all French people are bad. Select meats, when buried for six months or longer in fertile soil, can be used as medicinal poultice. My brother's arms are kept in a jar at the county medical examiner's office downtown. Two nails in a board will weaken its integrity, but not three or seven. The earth is bulging over Cananda. When the light hit him just right, my father looked like an outboard motor--pull the cord and off he'd go. People's breath is almost always more important than what they say. Lifting weights will get you nowhere. When rain falls, something else is always going up. Shoes are for the weak.
Blaming yourself for things?
There were holes in our basement walls where the enemy soldiers were shot during War H. We dug around the foundation of the house, but our search for their remains was fruitless. We had more luck with the arrowheads. Scott earned a merit badge with his collection. The rest of us couldn't make it further than Tenderfoot. I learned to masturbate in a tent with two other boys and when I came, the lights went out. I saw visions -- what I thought then to be the devil's palm pressing my face into the sleeping bag. The other two had done it before, and only nodded when I recounted what had happened. Later my dick grew to twice its normal size. I panicked but the others reassured me. "Rest it up awhile," they said, kneeling by the fire."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Up against the barrier, communicate.
Naught can be conveyed from here to there.
Always using your own understanding, impossible to fathom.

Don't pay attention to the above, while remembering this time.

ps. Fiction & Non-Fiction are overrated.

3:21 AM  

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