November 17, 2004

You expose the film in me

* Portland State Universtiy Vanguard profiles Devendra Banhardt. excerpt:

"He's been hyped as a sort of Renaissance man and/or beatnik. He was born in Texas but lived in Venezuela as a kid. His hippy parents had an Indian mystic give him his first name, which would be the equivalent of, say, 'John' in English. A true bohemian, even before being discovered by Michael Gira, he had bummed around in LA, San Francisco, New York and even Paris. In San Francisco he had a scholarship at the San Francisco Art Institute but dropped out and relocated to Paris, where he recorded his first album on a four-track and even an answering machine. These are the recordings that were on his Oh Me Oh My... album released two years ago on Gira's Young God Records label. Gira himself says of the recordings: 'We released these recordings on YGR because we'd never heard anything quite like them, ever. His voice - a quivering high-tension wire, sounded like it could have been recorded 70 years ago - these songs could have been sitting in someone's attic, left there since the 1930s.'"
"His physical resemblance to Syd Barrett is ironic as he is considered to be at the forefront of the neo-psych movement. This movement includes his friend Andy Cabic's band Vetiver which released a record last year, and for which Banhart is also featured, as well as harpist and unicorn enthusiast Johanna Newsome, with whom he's toured. He has also been known to play with Michael Gira's post-Swans project, the Angels of Light. He has also compiled a record for Arthur Magazine, which includes various obscure psychedelic recordings, including the almighty Michael Yonkers."

* Warren Jabali calls this the worst record review of the year.

Jabali believes this review takes the prize for many reasons, among them: "taking three long, excruciating paragraphs before even mentioning the band name, and including perhaps the worst line in history: 'Wolf Eyes bring the pain omnipotent.'"

* Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" voted greatest song ever in Rolling Stone poll. "Satisfaction" voted number two.


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