November 8, 2004

we've never been promised there will be a tomorrow

* My cousin was visiting this weekend and shared with me a video clip of his 5-year-old son singing (what I'm told is one of his favorite songs) the Siver Jews "Death of an Heir of Sorrows," which was written following the death of Robert Bingham. It was especially heart-warming to hear the youngster belt out the following stanzas:

"I wish I was the Royal Trux
I wish I had 1000 bucks
But mostly I wish, I wish I was with you"


"I wish I lived in the power and the light
I wish it wasn't Saturday night
Cause I can't raise hell,
no I can't raise hell for two
no I can't raise hell for two"

He's not quite Bobby Bare Jr., who was nominated for a Grammy for a duet with his father at the age of 5, but still.

* Chromewaves has posted a bunch of pictures taken last night at the bands farewell to Toronto. Other Luna final tour dates can be found here.

* Thomas Pynchon will appear on the Simpson's for a second time on November 14.


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