October 7, 2004

We are constantly on trial it's a way to be free

* Santa Cruz, California passed an ordinance that allows medical patients to possess 3 pounds of pot and keep a garden with a 100-square-foot canopy. excerpt:

"While the allowed amount may seem excessive to the non-user, patients said that, in some cases, 3 pounds was a minimum, providing about three marijuana cigarettes per day. Moreover, eating pot, in brownies for example, can take more of it than smoking it. [One pound joints seem excessive, no?]

"Jake Singleton said he was diagnosed with lung cancer three years ago. The same medication that attacked his cancer damaged his taste buds and he began losing weight, he said.

"'I lost my appetite until I discovered the wonderful world of the munchies,' Singleton said.

"He uses pot in an edible form, eating it about three times per day. He noted three times a day multiplied by 365 days in a year is 'quite a bit of marijuana.'"

* Dowd. excerpt:

"W. has rocked the nation and the world as he gallops fast, frantically trying to avoid his dad's electoral fate.

"He no longer has to chafe at his father's imposing shadow. If he wants to go to war with Saddam without even discussing it with his dad, he can. If he wants to keep his dad from having a speaking slot at the Republican convention, he can.

"Even though the president, waving off any attempts to put him 'on the couch,' refuses to acknowledge any Oedipal sensitivities, John Kerry artfully drilled into the sore spot in the first debate.
"The Bushes get very agitated when confronted with the specters of fathers who made them feel that they never measured up.

"And even though Mr. Kerry is more of a stiff loner than Poppy Bush, they share enough - that patrician, dutiful son, star of the class and the playing fields, hero on the killing fields, stuffed résumé, Council on Foreign Relations, multilateral mojo - that he can easily get W.'s goat.

"It was a sign of how unnerved W. was that he had to rely on his own dark, foreboding and pathologically unapologetic surrogate Daddy, Dick Cheney, to clean up his debate mess and get the red team back in the game."

* Dean Warham's ten reasons for retiring Luna:

1. Rock and Roll is killing my life.
2. The Universe is Expanding.
3. There are too many bands out there, travelling around, singing their songs etc.
4. Too much time spent in 15-passenger vans. According to 20/20, these things flip over.
5. Too many hands to shake, that means germs.
6. Too many dinners at Wendy's.
7. People are dying in Iraq.
8. This is what bands do (with a few exceptions, like R.E.M. and Metallica, and the Rolling Stones). Those bands, however, are multibillion dollar corporations. You don't break that up unless the government forces you to.
9. Hotel Electravision.
10. Time to Quit.

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