October 7, 2004

Read books, repeat quotations, draw conclusions on the wall

* Video of Japanese girls "bitchslapping" each other. [via screenhead]

* High Hat on the minutemen. excerpt:

"Their commitment to punk — which they, more than perhaps any other band to whom the word was applied, understood to mean not a musical style or an aesthetic, but an approach, a worldview — was deep. So thoroughly did they apply it in every aspect of their existence, from their relentless touring schedule to their intense emotional and intellectual explorations to their personal approach to self-promotion to their endlessly inventive music, that it got its own name: they called it 'econo.' They did things themselves, with efficiency and effort and thrift, and even if the audience didn’t always appreciate or even understand their message and their music, the Minutemen made sure they got it. Throughout their heartbreakingly short career, they were dedicated to the ideal of anti-elitism, to treating people with respect, to making songs for their idea of the working man: a person who wasn’t stupid but who had been stepped on a lot of times by the system, who deserved to have art and music and literature in their life, who should look at creators as allies instead of idols."

* George Bush's Debate Cheetsheet:


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