October 14, 2004

a paper tiger can't tell you where he stands

* Excerpt from Kristine McKenna's April 2002 interview of Jaques Derrida:

Q: Have you made peace with the inevitability of your death?

A: So far I haven't and I doubt I ever will, and this awareness permeates everything I think. It's terrible what's going on in the world and all these things are on my mind, but they exist alongside this terror of my own death. And it's not just death -- one struggles with aging as well, because it forces you to make decisions about the future. Yesterday I had lunch with a librarian at Irvine; then I had dinner with the dean, so we could discuss the future. I left my archive here, so during this lunch we had to consider events referred to as 'beyond my lifetime,' in terms of my papers. And with the dean, I plan to return next year, but the following year I'll be 74, and it would probably be wise to reduce my schedule at that point. These decisions must be made now.

The New York Times published an op-ed piece on Derrida today.

* Bill O'Reilly slapped with a sexual harassment suit. A must-read.

* Retrocrush lists the top 100 scariest movie scenes of all time. [via heck's kitchen]


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