October 21, 2004

here we are on this planet taking everything for granted

POTLUCK setlist

Daylight Till Dawn -- All Night Radio
I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better -- The Byrds
Holland Tunnel -- John Phillips
Femme Fatale -- Big Star
Room Games and Diamond Rain -- Silver Jews
New Partner -- Palace Brothers
Terrible Sunrise -- Bobby Bare Jr.
If Not For You -- Bob Dylan
Like a Monkey in a Zoo -- Vic Chesnutt
All Up the Seething Coast -- Mountain Goats
Blue Red & Grey -- The Who
Motion Pictures -- Neil Young
Not Proud of the USA -- The Mice
The Spaces in Between -- PSOI
Stratford-on-Guy -- Liz Phair
When Will You Come Home -- Galaxie 500
Ash & Earth -- Velvet Crush
Fantastic Disaster -- Sebadoh
Bay Shallows -- EZ-T
Government Flu -- Dead Kennedys
Snake Eyes -- New Radient Storm King
Kentucky Cocktail -- Pavement
Tally-Ho -- The Clean
London Girl -- The Jam
How I Wrote Elastic Man -- The Fall
Wide, Wide River -- The Fugs


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