October 20, 2004

A diamond crucifix in his ear is used to help ward off the Fear

* Errol Morris directs shorts of people who voted for Bush in 2000 but who won't vote for him this year.

* Estonian women tries to get out of DWI by stripping for the arresting officers. excerpt:

"Police spokeswoman Jana Zdanovits told the AP on Tuesday that the woman, who was not identified, was pulled over Monday night in the capital's Mustamae area. Zdanovits said that after the woman took, and failed, a breathalyzer test, she suddenly bared her breasts to the two officers. The police spokeswoman confirmed a tabloid report that the woman then offered the pair of officers a private performance.

"Zdanovits said a police camera caught the incident on tape.

"The woman faces charges of drunk driving. If found guilty, she could be fined $478 and lose her license. The average monthly salary in Estonia is around $519."

* A conversation between Kurt Vonnegut and Kilgore Trout. [via chromewaves]

Following the conversation "Trout committed suicide by drinking Drano at midnight on October 15 in Cohoes, New York, after a female psychic using tarot cards predicted that the environmental calamity George W. Bush would once again be elected president of the most powerful nation on the planet by a five-to-four decision of the Supreme Court, which included '100 per-cent of the black vote.'" excerpt:

TROUT: I’ve never voted in my whole damn life. I didn’t want to be complicit. But is it time I did?

KV: The planet’s immune system is obviously trying to get rid of us, and high time! But sure, go vote for somebody. What the hell.

TROUT: Everybody’s so ignorant.

KV: The overwhelming popularity of President Bush, in spite of everything, finally shows us what the American people, whom we have so sentimentalized for so long, a la Norman Rockwell, really are, thanks to TV and purposely lousy public schools: ignorant. Count on it!


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