September 2, 2004

Proud brothers Do not fret The bus will get you there yet

* Maureen Dowd: Cutups and Cutthroats. excerpt:

"Despite the fact that the economy is cratering, Iraq is teetering, Afghanistan is reverting to warlords, Dick Cheney is glowering at the world, the war on terror has created more acts of terror, Ahmad Chalabi is an accused spy for Iran and the Pentagon has an accused spy for Israel, Republicans felt so good about themselves that when Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was inspired to become a Republican by Richard Nixon, they exploded. When Tricky Dick is a hot applause line, they're feeling cocky.

"Republicans are political killers. They are confident that Americans, in a 9/11 world, are going to be more drawn to political killers who have made some 'miscalculations' on Iraq, as W. put it, than with a shaggy-haired Vietnam War protester whom Bush 41 compares to Hanoi Jane."
"Just as the 'third party' ad effort has been ferocious and misleading, so have some of the attack speeches here. Dick Cheney stomped on John Kerry the way he's stomped on the world. In fact, he stomped on Mr. Kerry for trying to get along with the world: 'He talks about leading 'a more sensitive war on terror' as though Al Qaeda will be impressed with our softer side.' It's nice to know Mr. Cheney remembers Al Qaeda."

* Dave Gedge brings back the wedding present. [via chromewaves]. excerpt:

"It seems David Gedge has decided to reform his old band the Wedding Present following the realisation that his latest band Cinerama were beginning to sound just like them.

"'We were playing faster and more strummy' he told PlayLouder, 'so I just thought, 'I may as well reform the Wedding Present.'

"The equally adored and maligned singer now lives in Seattle where he worked on new stuff for an album which has already been recorded and should be due in October."

* The text of Zell Miller's March 1, 2001 introduction of John Kerry is still on his senate website. It reads, in part:

"I'm proud to be Georgia's junior senator and I'm honored to serve with Max Cleland, who is as loved and respected as anyone in that body. One of our very highest priorities must be to make sure this man is re-elected in 2002 so he can continue to serve this state and nation."
"My job tonight is an easy one: to present to you one of this nation's authentic heroes, one of this party's best-known and greatest leaders – and a good friend.
"He was once a lieutenant governor – but he didn't stay in that office 16 years, like someone else I know. It just took two years before the people of Massachusetts moved him into the United States Senate in 1984.

"In his 16 years in the Senate, John Kerry has fought against government waste and worked hard to bring some accountability to Washington.'
"John has worked to strengthen our military, reform public education, boost the economy and protect the environment. Business Week magazine named him one of the top pro-technology legislators and made him a member of its 'Digital Dozen.'"
"John is a graduate of Yale University and was a gunboat officer in the Navy. He received a Silver Star, Bronze Star and three awards of the Purple Heart for combat duty in Vietnam. He later co-founded the Vietnam Veterans of America."



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