September 1, 2004

Postcards sent by strangers on sale Jesus mangers

* Part two of Jeffrey St. Clair's article High Plains Grifter:
The Life and Crimes of George W. Bush
. excerpt:

"Sex and politics often seem to conflate in George W. Bush's mind. In 1975, young George, fresh out of Harvard Business School, followed his father to China, where he was keen testing the receptiveness of the Chinese to infusions of Texas capital. Soon bored by detailed discussions of international finance, Bush began hitting on his translators and other Chinese women. One Yale coed who came into Bush's orbit recalled: 'He was always one of the fastest guys on campus in trying to get his hands in your pants.' This friskiness didn't set will the decorous crowd then running China and he was discreetly directed to evacuate the country in order to save his father, the new ambassador to Peking, further embarrassment.

"During the 1988 Republican convention, David Fink, a reporter with the Hartford Courant, asked Bush what he talked about with his father when they weren't jawing about politics. 'Pussy,' George W. quipped. Take that mom."
"In the notorious scene in the bathroom of a Colorado resort, Bush, head pounding from a night of drinking in celebration of his 40th birthday, plunged to his knees before the mirror and pleaded with the Almighty for a heavenly intervention. Lightning struck that morning. Bush, so the family legend goes, kicked the bottle and emerged as a fanatical believer in what he called 'the intercessory power of prayer.'"
"Of course, Bush, having been granted the moral amnesty of being born-again, rarely attends formal church services."
"Then, with the recount underway, the Bush junta sprang into action. Using $13.8 million in campaign funds, they recuited an A-list of Republican fixers, tough guys and lawyers. Roger Stone, the former Republican fixer and body builder of Reagan time who fled to Florida following a DC sex scandal, was summoned to orchestrate gangs of rightwing Cubans to harass election officials in Dade and Palm Beach counties. Marc Racicot, later to be elevated by Bush to chair of the RNC, staged similar white-collar riots, all designed to impede the counting of ballots. Jeb and the haughty Harris did their parts as institutional monkeywrenchers."
"The ringmaster of this affair was Bush Sr.'s old hand, James Baker. Baker later boasted to a group of Russian tycoons mustered in London, 'I fixed the election in Florida for George Bush.' And Gore laid down and took it like a dazed Sonny Liston. He didn't raise a peep about the disenfranchisement of thousands of black voters, as if to say, 'If have to be elected by blacks, I don't want the job.'

"Bush, the Selected One, was anxious to consolidate his power. 'If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier-- just so long as I'm the dictator,' Bush snickered on December 18, 2000, as the Supreme Court prepared to deliver the presidency to his sweaty hands.

"Mark those words."

* "Like a Bizarro King Midas, everything Cheney touches turns into a conflict of interest." Read more skimble.

* In DC? Head out to the Black Cat Friday night to see DC indierock bigwigs Metropolitan and high-risk pop purveyors the Caribbean, as well as as well as Zerobridge (from NY) and Clark Sabine. Doors at 9:30. Caribbean is third up and should begin their set around 11:30, with Metropolitan to follow.


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