September 21, 2004

like a drunk in a midnight choir I have tried in my way to be free

Two Poems by Jules Boykoff:

Reverend Been There Meets Dr. Seen Some in the talk show waiting room the day before the international summit in order to discuss the unpruned velocity of antithesis tabulation, the creative function of corruption & cosignment as a metaphor for existence

Unaboming will get
you nowhere
while the hired
applause claps louder
"& that's 'bout when
I got an education
'bout my education,
Doc, when for the
first time I saw the world
end" to undo the
undulatory the
normativity functions
as a hinge
ruled out
from the outset
in other words

L. Paul "Jerry" Bremer Meets Earl "Little Roy" Lowe in democratic [ahem] Kuwait [ahem] to discuss the reconstruction of revisionism, the quizzical dearth of Jah in Fallujah & the creation of Islamic subtance jockeys with Christopher-Columbus in my pocket & I just can't get no love

Don't Cross the nation
where the rich man live
and the poor man die

where habeas corpus means
"Get out the corpse, Corporal"
where my hair was getting in the way
of good conversation where
ballistic batons & a rising tide
drowns all goats where he asked,
"May I borrow your notes?" The reason
is other; the other is reason but
Bechtel but the pharmacy
but the chop shop the chrome
globe the foreign policy
of carnivorous goat fiction.
o, carnivorous riproar!
o, socially acceptable Molotov!
o, old-school mushroom cloud!
o, fracturous rapture for two!
o, slow cold stiffie!
o, capitalism! [er, privatization]
& everyone knows it
I say everyone knows it
at the thrift shop
called today.

* Happy 70th Birthday to Leonard Cohen. The Guardian lists 69 things about Leonard Cohen you might not know.


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