September 16, 2004

Don't know why I can't stop smiling when I only need to cry

Potluck setlist

Words of Advice -- William Burroughs
Je T'aime Moi Non Plus -- Serge Gainsbourgh and Jane Birken
Joy Without Pleasure -- Daniel Johnson
Bike -- Pink Floyd
Let's Be Buried Together -- Bill Fox
Corvette Bummer -- Beck
Harness Yr Hopes -- Pavement
Foggy Notion -- Rockets From the Tomb
She Cracked -- Velvet Crush
License to Confuse -- Sebadoh
The Set Up -- Mission of Burma
Kennedy -- The Wedding Present
Bus Dance -- The Wrens
See America Right -- The Mountain Goats
Group Grope -- The Fugs
Nuclear War -- Yo La Tengo
Everyone Ive Ever Slept With -- Momus
Stars Burn Out -- Bevis Frond
Rasberry Beret -- Hindu Love Gods
Untitled -- Neutral Milk Hotel
Full Circle Song -- Gene Smith
Gonna Love the Hell Out of You -- Silver Jews
Ill Be Around -- Bobby Bare Jr.
Alcohol -- The Kinks
Some Velvet Morning -- Lee and Nancy
14 Shades of Green -- Chris Stamey
AK-47 -- Weird War
Bobby Peru -- Luna
New York -- The Swell Maps
The Fabulous Sequel -- Pere Ubu
Space Junk -- Devo
Packs of Three -- Arab Strap
Hurricane -- Bob Dylan


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