August 2, 2004

Lately it's been happy house all day long

* The U.S. attorney in Seattle has used a Patriot Act provision to charge 15 people with smuggling marijuana money.

"It is the first time the provision has been used in a major case in this district, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Greenberg. The indictments say an undercover agent spent nearly a year working with the alleged smugglers, accused of helping to deliver $3.4 million illegally into Canada in 2003. The money came from the sale of marijuana in the states, Greenberg said."
"The 15 each were charged under the Patriot Act with one count of bulk-cash smuggling. Nine others were charged earlier with international money laundering and marijuana trafficking under a separate law."

* Dong Resin on troop support: "We see every now and again the conditions you're under and feel sympathy for your situation... not that we understand your situation, I've quit jobs because they told me what kind of shoes I have to wear, you guys have to go get shot at because some prick in an air conditioned office in DC thinks it'd look bad if you didn't."

* Putting the F back in freedom: Watch the trailer for the new Matt Stone and Trey Parker film, Team America.

* Happy 34th birthday to Kevin Smith. Celebrate by finding out what Kevin Smith movie you are.


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