August 18, 2004

It's a sin when success complains

Four poems by Franz Wright:

Year One

I was still standing
on a northern corner

Moonlit winter clouds the color of the desperation of wolves.

of Your existence? There is nothing

On Earth

Resurrection of the little apple tree outside
my window, leaf -
light of late
in the April
called her eyes, forget
forget --
but how
How does one go
about dying? Who on earth
is going to teach me --
The world
is filled with people
who have never died.


Long nights, short years. Forgiving

When morning comes, and pain --

no one is a stranger, this whole world is your home.

Diary Otherwise Empty

Caught a brown trout in a trickle of creek;

looks like rain.

When he is no longer needed Christ will come again.


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