August 31, 2004

I told you why I changed my mind I got bored by playing with time

-- loren connors toe's broken
I dropped
that guitar on it. Look, there are
hawks out. Limbs of trees
are shivering, shivering when I pass out
and shivering when I wake up....

punk rock poem
-- tv smith

It was strange being in a punk rock band
People gobbed on us, then shook us by the hand
We played every toilet in our green and slimy land
First of all for fifteen quid, then - later on - a grand!

Thirty days of madness touring with the Dammed
Turning up to soundcheck to find out we'd been banned
Driving back to London in the mini-van

Didn't get to the USA as planned

And, looking back, we didn't change the music scene a lot
But we did have one hit single, and supported Iggy Pop
And sometimes people tell me that the Adverts changed their lives
And that's nice

It was great being in a punk rock band

-- by john "broken hand" morton

War is Bad for Children & ME!!
fuck bush, fuck george bush
ignorant asshole supreme
fuck him in the ass
my dick in his sneering gob
a mean dumb motherfucker

* An open letter from electic eels guitarist John "broken hand" morton, to president bush.


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